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Heart & Soul Blog

Thoughtful Thursday: Fitness for Charity

Alyson Campbell

Physical fitness is an important factor in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Not only can we workout to build up our own muscles but we can also build up our philanthropic muscle by working out for a cause.

Here are just a few fitness charities we find help, empower, inspire, and improve the lives of children, disabled athletes, and veterans around the U.S.:

Girls on the Run

This charity aims to empower girls to reach their potential through the power of running. Running coach volunteers lead girls through running workouts and training while also teaching life skills and building confidence.

Project Fit America

Selected schools receive donations and assistance to help make their schools fitness friendly for both outdoor and indoor fitness equipment, PE lesson plans, and teacher training. These grants help schools foster the love of fitness for kids.

Fresh Air Fund

This summer camp is aimed to provide a free summer getaway for children who live in low-income NYC neighborhoods. This charity has been going strong since 1877 and helps build year-round leadership and educational programs.

For more fitness aimed charities, read the rest of the article here:

Support health, fitness, and worthy causes that will give back and make you feel good too!














Welcome Wednesday: New Season New Goals

Alyson Campbell

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”

– F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

Summer is nearing its end, and this may lead to a lot of pressure to finish those goals we set for ourselves this season. But Fall can bring new inspiration and provide a fresh start to completing prior goals and setting new ones.

Life Goals Mag shared 3 simple steps on how to set and accomplish our new goals this fall:

Turn over a new leaf:

Reset our old ways of thinking and choose new ones that’ll better serve us. There’s nothing better than trying new ways to accomplish things better and faster. Wake up early, watch the leaves fall, breathe in the fresh crisp air and let your mind wander. Add new ways to reward yourself and make time for some fun.

Start small and grow from there:

Take your goals, revaluate them and set realistic tasks to accomplish them season by season or month by month. Don’t get overwhelmed by setting unrealistic expectations for ourselves then feel defeated when we don’t conquer them.

Take it easy:

No matter how passionate we may feel over a project or assignment, it’s always important to set time aside for ourselves. Don’t confuse this with being unproductive, self-care is essential on recharging the mind and the body. Add one thing on the daily to-do list that is unrelated to work.

For more on these simple steps to accomplishing our goals this season, read the rest of the article here:

“Make your well-being a priority. It’ll help you clear your head and focus on the goals at hand.”

Welcome inspiration and accomplish your goals this season!












Thrilling Tuesday: Travel Solo

Alyson Campbell

Who needs a travel companion when you have yourself?! Women are now hitting the road solo in record numbers. Spending time alone in far away places can lead to becoming a better person: more patient, more confident, and more in touch with oneself.

Being a woman and traveling alone can of course lead to some lonely moments and some shady situations. But fear doesn’t mean we shouldn’t explore. Ultimately the experiences will push ourselves and stretch our comfort levels.

Other women who truly love exploring the world on their own, compiled four life lessons we can all learn from when traveling solo:

1.       You can’t control everything.

“Fear of the unknown, the unexpected, that everything won’t work out exactly as planned. Being okay with that – and doing it anyway – is crucial. We can’t control everything, and that’s part of the adventure.”

– Kelly Lewis, an experienced travel guru

2.       Sometimes, you just need to do it.

“If we take too long to do something, we psych ourselves out.”

– Paula Froelich, former editor of Yahoo Travel and the producer of the blog and video series A Broad Abroad

3.       Being your own BFF is awesome.

“There’s beauty and power in loneliness and embracing the fear of being lonely – you can actually sit with yourself” … “If you only have yourself for company, then you have to get to know yourself and reconcile things you haven’t thought about it years. You become your own best friend – something that eludes a lot of us. Its scary, its weird, and it’s wonderful.”

– Paula Froelich

4.       Never underestimate the kindness of strangers.

“The world is mostly safe, and people are mostly good. Don’t be afraid to talk to strangers: the more people know you, the more they look out for you.” – Kelly Lewis

For more lessons from women who’ve traveled solo, read the rest of the article here:

Travel happy, become confident, and explore the world.