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#DayWithoutAWoman: International Women's Day

Alyson Campbell

Have you ever thought about what a #DayWithoutAWoman really looks like?

No one to clothe you or maybe just give you a gentle (annoying to you at the time) reminder to put on a coat when it's cold outside because you're so eager to play, no one to wipe away your tears when she's the only woman in the world who really understands. Or perhaps not even something for you personally, but to hand you that diploma that you worked so hard for, reach out her hand to shake yours in offering you the job, polish your toes or hands for a brief respite or make that sandwich to sustain you the rest of the day.

With 74.6 million women in the civilian workforce, 39 percent of women work in jobs where women comprise three-quarters of the workforce, women own close to 10 million business accounting for $1.4 trillion(!) in revenue, and even the females who have served our country still continue their service in our work force (3 out of 10 currently work as government workers). Did you also know that 70 percent (yes 70) of mothers with children under 18 are in the work force and are the primary sole earners for 40 percent of their households, compared with only 11 percent in 1960? (Credit: 

Today's social media movement was staggering and exciting to see. As the CEO and Founder of a Woman-Owned and Operated business here at Heart and Soul PR, Inc. I created Heart & Soul PR, Inc. after a long stint in an influential agency career because - like the gap we see in the workforce now - whether that's equal pay for equal work (across the board, gender indiscriminate), or simply having our collective values, contributions and ideas recognized and respected in the workplace -- to provide an opportunity, a home rather, for clients of all backgrounds, small, medium or large, who also deserve a chance for their voice to be heard, their brand to resonate and their story to be told. 

Today as I grow even more and reach even higher in year two of my independently owned and operated business, I am grateful and continue to give thanks for all those in my world and in my power circle, personally and professionally, who have stood behind me, beside me, walked hand in hand, hugged me when the tears flowed or when I thought "maybe this is too hard," because they are the ones that truly saw and see my potential, stepping out as a woman independently and what it truly means as a #DayWithoutAWoman. 

On this International Women's Day today, may we all take time to say thank you, give a hug, a polite smile, handshake, pat on the back, write a thank you note or whatever simple gesture resonates with you,to the women that shape and shaped our lives, our careers and ultimately give us the inspiration to continue to rise out of bed each day with the opportunity and  motivation to change the world around us.   Thank you, ladies, and thank you men, thank you to all who support women and our value to the world and the workplace.  Happy International Women's Day to all.


Thrilling Tuesday: Five Tips for Living More Adventurously

Alyson Campbell

As a continuation of our Thrilling Tuesday series, designed to inspire through discussing tips for stepping out of your comfort zone, this week we focus on tips for how you can live more adventurously. 

By nature, humans are explorers and travelers as we work to discover our path in life. We enjoy going places and seeking new opportunities. Adventure is in our blood.

But, as we get older, every day things such as our jobs, family, and other responsibilities that we all face as adults dull our sense of adventure. Too many things pull us in too many different directions.

But, reviving that sense of adventure doesn't happen with the purchase of a new car or a fast motorcycle. Here are five tips on how to live a more adventurous life every day: 

1. Less planning leads to more adventure. Planning is key to success in most things, but in this case, try to be more spontaneous when you can. Don’t try to figure out everything beforehand - just let things happen. If you decide to travel, pick one or two final destinations, versus a whole weekend that is planned out hour by hour with activities and enjoy the journey getting there. Select one or two routes that you want to try instead of every mile of the trip. To make this a fun trip, make sure you have more unplanned than planned time for this adventure. The possibilities are endless and extremely exciting.

2. Let the little steps lead you. An adventure doesn't have to be an extravagant, well thought out plan. Time and adventure aren’t related. How you choose to spend your time can lead to exciting adventure. Yes, they go hand and hand but they aren’t the same thing. Just by changing your mindset from “ I’m going to be adventurous and discover something new” to “What am I going to do today that I haven’t done already… or haven’t done in a long while” can change your perspective. 

3. Get Lost. A lot of people have a fear of getting lost because they feel it’s dangerous, unfamiliar and wasn’t part of the plan. What is this fear based on? They won’t know how to get home? It’s more of a hassle than to plan something out? They might run out of gas? The road will run out? Some times the best way to find yourself or something is to get lost. Get lost and stay in the present moment. Let that be part of the adventure. The next time you find yourself thinking about what you just passed up, turn around, go back, discover it and get lost. 

4. Share. Making memories with the people in our life is one key point to enjoying life. The best way to make memories is with those who matter most to you is by sharing experiences or places that meant something to you that you think they might enjoy as well. Not only does this give you a memory to look back on and laugh about, but it can also inspire a sense of adventure in others too.

5. Step out of your comfort zone. Just let things happen.  Worry a little because that shows you are getting out of your comfort zone, but don’t worry too much where you aren’t enjoying the journey. We live in a society that maximizes comfort and minimizes worry, which is good at times. But in this case, you don’t want worry and fear to hold you back from enjoying life to the fullest.