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Golden Globes 2016: A Look at the Award's Shining Night on Social

Alyson Campbell

Golden Globes 2016: A Look at the Award’s Shining Night on Social


Contributed by Jenna Slavin


After a week of atypical heavy rain and thunderstorms in Southern California, the sun was shining bright at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles for the 73rd Golden Globe Awards yesterday evening. The celebrities never looked so good. Besides the huge trend of sequins on the red carpet this year, people were talking about the Golden Globes on a wide variety of social media platforms. The awards show was the topic among many on various websites even though the Golden Globes only currently utilize Twitter and Facebook. (It’s a question as to why this is, especially since now there are so many different ways to engage fans). 


Taking a quick inventory of the Golden Globes on social, there were more than 300,000 posts on Instagram, 1.3 million people who liked the Golden Globes Facebook page, and 633,000 followers on Twitter.


Here are some ways they did it right:



The Golden Globes took an interesting approach beyond simply announcing the presenters on their social media channels. Instead, they cultivated deeper fan engagement by utilizing their social channels to ask fans to submit questions that would be answered in real-time during the awards show from a select group of celebrities.  This allowed fans to now only tune in, but also to like, comment, re-post and re-tweet.



One way The Golden Globes updated their viewers was cross channeling their Twitter feed with their home page with updates every few minutes. The Golden Globes also had a live blog running including exclusive pictures from the red carpet and backstage to help fans near and far feel a part of the action, even if they couldn’t actually attend.


Dedicated Hashtag

While nothing new in the world of social, the Golden Globes prominently displayed #GoldenGlobes on the lower right side of the TV screen to announce their social presence as well as a reminder to fans to engage on social throughout the entire duration of the awards show.


Live Streaming

While the Golden Globes themselves didn’t utilize Instagram and Snapchat, these channels took it upon themselves to serve as an outlet for the awards which created additional buzz to keep everyone talking and engaged, without having to be glued to the couch thanks to their “watch it now” live streaming feature. On these platforms, fans could check out what their favorite stars were up to and see updated videos from the show which allowed fans to feel like they were right there with their favorite stars. Both platforms offered a bit of different engagement. Instagram utilized videos that celebrities posted themselves and Snapchat had an interviewer behind the camera. On Snapchat, whenever a nominee was featured, there was a box posted to the screen with their name, the category they were nominated in, and the motion picture title. Both of these platforms made the experience of watching the show that much better because they felt intimate and informative.