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Heart & Soul Blog

Thrilling Tuesday: Travel Solo

Alyson Campbell

Who needs a travel companion when you have yourself?! Women are now hitting the road solo in record numbers. Spending time alone in far away places can lead to becoming a better person: more patient, more confident, and more in touch with oneself.

Being a woman and traveling alone can of course lead to some lonely moments and some shady situations. But fear doesn’t mean we shouldn’t explore. Ultimately the experiences will push ourselves and stretch our comfort levels.

Other women who truly love exploring the world on their own, compiled four life lessons we can all learn from when traveling solo:

1.       You can’t control everything.

“Fear of the unknown, the unexpected, that everything won’t work out exactly as planned. Being okay with that – and doing it anyway – is crucial. We can’t control everything, and that’s part of the adventure.”

– Kelly Lewis, an experienced travel guru

2.       Sometimes, you just need to do it.

“If we take too long to do something, we psych ourselves out.”

– Paula Froelich, former editor of Yahoo Travel and the producer of the blog and video series A Broad Abroad

3.       Being your own BFF is awesome.

“There’s beauty and power in loneliness and embracing the fear of being lonely – you can actually sit with yourself” … “If you only have yourself for company, then you have to get to know yourself and reconcile things you haven’t thought about it years. You become your own best friend – something that eludes a lot of us. Its scary, its weird, and it’s wonderful.”

– Paula Froelich

4.       Never underestimate the kindness of strangers.

“The world is mostly safe, and people are mostly good. Don’t be afraid to talk to strangers: the more people know you, the more they look out for you.” – Kelly Lewis

For more lessons from women who’ve traveled solo, read the rest of the article here:

Travel happy, become confident, and explore the world.