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Heart & Soul Blog

Welcome Wednesday: Bringing Art to the Ocean

Alyson Campbell

Living just 100 meters from the beach, Jada McNeil finds a sense of calmness anywhere near the ocean. She finds herself constantly feeling inspired by her surroundings. I mean, how can you not when her home is perched on top of a sand dune on Australia’s East Coast, overlooking the sea with frequent sightings of whales and dolphins?!

McNeil took her inspiration, and love for surfing, and founded Nusa Indah – where she designs and manufactures head-turning creations that cannot be found in any run of the mill surf shop.

She spent many of her childhood years living on a small island off the coast of Bali, Nusa Lembongan where part of her company name is derived from. She finds most of her inspiration from her immediate environment as well as from her travels abroad.

Her first board was a design meant to motivate her to get back into the ocean after having kids. McNeil was seeking motivation and incentive to get back to what she loved most about her childhood and was ready to embrace the ocean once again the way she did growing up.

When she shared her creation on social media, it immediately made wave as women found it inspiring and motivating as well. Since she launched her company, she now lives every day by her mantra: “There’s no reason you can’t feel beautiful while you ride a wave.”

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Welcome inspiration from anywhere and ride the wave.