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Heart & Soul Blog

Thrilling Tuesday: Raising a Glass to the Newest Ways to Have a Drink

Alyson Campbell

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Most people have a go-to drink. Often ordering the same drink on the same night, week after week.

Craft beverages have become more popular as bartenders around the world have been incorporating many fresh ingredients and interesting new methods. Some of these new flavors are not only delicious but can also double as tonics for your body’s aches and pains.

Health and wellness have been a trend thus far. So, when it comes to boozy beverages, surprise yourself, your palate and enjoy the thrills of some new cocktails trends:

·       For a new kind of buzz, add CBD oil.

CBD users find its anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, and anti-nausea properties lifechanging. The flavor profile of each cocktail can change depending on the oil.

·       Swap out fruit juice for vegetables.

Experiment with veggie juices and syrups to change a traditionally fruit-forward cocktail. Many vegetables have distinct flavors that can pair very well with certain spirits.

·       Fermented drinks are great for your gut.

Mixers like kefir and kombucha offer stomach-calming qualities that health nuts swear by.

·       Try turmeric, the buzziest spice of the moment.

The golden yellow spice has a pungent flavor that reminisces rich flavors of peppers and ginger. Turmeric is also to be considered an anti-inflammatory with many antioxidants.

·       Sustainable bartending is a cause worth drinking to.

Sustainability is about saving the world. There are many environmental costs that are hidden behind a single drink. Many bars buy out of season fruit, imported liquor from afar, plastic straws, single-use napkins, and much more.

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“This is the year to break out of your cocktail rut.”