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Heart & Soul Blog

Motivation Monday: Keeping Your Head in the Game

Alyson Campbell

Managing our career, personal life, finances, our health and wellness keeps us overwhelmingly busy most of the time. Being successful takes constant focus and motivation.

Girlboss shared 10 tips on how to stay focused while we’re busy building our empire, so we’re sharing a few of our favorites:

1.       Have a healthy habit in the morning that sets your day off right.

Meditate or take some time to do some mindful thinking on what you’re grateful for. Game plan a goal list for the rest of the day.

2.       Exercise!

Do something physical. This will increase your endorphins while also releasing some stress and also building stamina.

3.       Surround yourself with mentors, quick.

Grade-A people hang around grade-A people. Surround yourself with the best in the industry.

4.       Create a mantra that inspires you.

Have a mission and a clear goal in mind. Make sure you’re always working towards your end-goal.

For the rest of the tips, click here for the rest of the article:

Stay motivated and keep working until you’ve made it!