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Heart & Soul Blog

Thoughtful Thursday: Eco-Friendly Alternatives

Alyson Campbell

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There’s more than one way to go about being eco-friendly. We find ourselves spending more time considering the impact our own footprint has on the earth now that we are presented with a greater ability to change.

According to Business Insider, only 1 out of 5 people say they make the effort to live in a sustainable way all the time. But its easier than we think it is to make a more positive impactful change.

Even making one change is still doing something good.

Here are some of our favorite eco-friendly replacements that can replace everyday essentials without the inconvenience:

·       Dish towels and bamboo alternatives

To replace single-use paper towels, instead use 100% organic cotton dish towels which can be rewashed or even 100% bamboo paper towels. Our newest obsession?! These 100% Cotton Fouta towels from Trader Joe’s (

·       A showerhead that uses less water

Low-flow fixtures can reduce your water consumption by 50%-75%. This translates to thousands of gallons a year per average household.

·       Shampoo, conditioner, and lotion

80 billion plastic bottles are disposed of around the world every year. Most of these plastic bottles come from our toiletries. Everything from shampoo to lotion to self-tanner come in bar form. These bars last a lot longer than our bottled counterparts and will dissolve completely. Everything down to the packaging is entirely eco-friendly.

·       Biodegradable trash bags

These are 100% compostable and will make you feel a lot better every time you take out the trash.

Find more great eco-friendly alternatives here:

“If it doesn’t have to be single-use, it probably shouldn’t be.”