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Heart & Soul Blog

Welcome Wednesday: How to Get Back into the Groove

Alyson Campbell

It takes a lot to finally master that routine we’ve been working on for months. But sometimes we get sidetracked with fun activities, vacations, or simply just taking a break from life for a while. When it becomes time to get back into the groove, it seems hard to find the motivation to.

These are a few strategies we found most helpful to get back into productivity mode after taking some time off:

·       Write down a homework list

This is like a to-do list but has the intention of actually doing the things that are on it. This can serve as a jumping off point, to help build the motivation. After all homework has a deadline and to-do lists are often forgotten.

·       Don’t try to multitask

Our short-term memory can only juggle between 5-9 things at once. Trying to get a lot done at one time saps your creativity and will have you spread thin, not allowing you to perform your ultimate best. Focus your attention fully to the task at hand.

·       Reassess your goals

Whatever took you out of your groove is probably still on your mind. Get your mind back to the present by writing out goals for the upcoming week or month. Reassess what you want to accomplish, this could be a fitness goal, a career goal, a budget goal, etc. Your priorities may have changed but keep your desires up-to-date.

Find more ideas on How to Get Back into the Groove by reading the rest of the article here:

“Nothing is more unproductive than working towards something you don’t truly want anymore.”

Welcome change and do what you can. Don’t worry about how overwhelming this all may feel. Each day is a step closer to our goals.