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Motivation Monday: Why Mondays Are The Best

Alyson Campbell

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After a long holiday weekend, I’m sure none of us were looking forward to another Monday morning.

But it’s a brand new week – and Mondays can actually be a great opportunity and time to get closer to reaching our goals.

Daily Shine posted an article on “Why Mondays Are Your Best Shot to Get Things Done” and we have to agree! Here are five different ways to achieve that clean state mindset and get motivated:

  1. Take Advantage of the ‘Fresh Start Effect’

These are benchmarks that occur after birthdays, holidays, beginning of the week or month, and especially on January 1st. These provide the “fresh start” effect and provide us the push we need to shift our habits. Take advantage by actively creating new temporal landmarks which signal the start to new things and re-commitment to our current goals.

       2. Have a ‘Clean Slate’ Ritual

Instead of trying to cram everything in and rush around to get things done on the first day of the week, let’s slow down and embrace a ritual that will put us in the right mood for what lies ahead for the rest of the week. Find a new ritual. Maybe it’s taking a scenic walk to work or treating yourself to coffee and a bagel. No need to only have fun on Fridays, Mondays can be fun too!

      3. Throw Out the Mental Chatter

Whether we think these conversations we have in our head with ourselves are productive or not, we need to take a break from it sometimes. There’s no reason to continue to stress ourselves out on what we’re going to do every second of the day, how we need to stay on track to reach our goals, our failures, stress, or whether it’s a good idea to cheat and eat pizza again for the third day in a row this week. Instead, let’s write down those negative thoughts and throw them away. Physically throw them away! We’re all for a clean slate as research shows this will relieve you more than you think it will.

      4. Re-frame Your To-Do List

Doing the same exact thing day after day gets old and annoying! But we know we need to do them so why not trick ourselves a little bit and rearrange that to-do list. Rip it up, reverse it, and rename it! Small mental tricks will help put your mind to remember to focus on the end result.

      5. Plan How to Fill the Blank Page

Instead of wiping the slate completely clean and throwing away all our obligations and priorities, let’s make a plan – a new plan. Sketching out the day’s agenda can help us from becoming too overwhelmed. Focus and execute.

“Mondays are the cleanest slate possible – and it’s all yours to discover”

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