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Heart & Soul Blog

Motivation Monday: Time for a Phone Detox

Alyson Campbell

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No matter how much we say we aren’t, it’s no secret that we’re attached to our phones. They have had a significant impact on our lives, giving us the power to connect to anyone and everyone at anytime from anywhere. But we need to consider leaving our phones at home and get in touch with our minds, bodies, and spirits and go on a phone detox.

Elite Daily gave 5 reasons why your mind will thank you for ditching the phone next time you head out for some fresh air. We can already feel the benefits this will bring.

1.       You leave the drama behind.

Constantly being in contact with our friends can be a blessing and a curse. When we leave our phone at home, this allows for a chance to focus inward instead of focusing on the problems of others. This will provide us the perfect opportunity to clear the clutter from our minds and detox from our daily stress.

2.       You talk to new people.

Constantly looking at our phones draws people away from talking to us. Without our phones, we look engaged and open to meeting and talking to new people.

3.       You finally pay attention to what’s going on around you.

Take a walk, notice things. Walk the neighborhood without the phone in our pockets and have fun with the world around us. We’re able to notice things we’ve never noticed before.

4.       You’re more tuned in to your body.

Our minds will finally have a chance to focus on our muscles and bones. Homing in to our body’s will have us taking better care of ourselves.

5.       When you get your phone back, you appreciate being connected that much more.

This will have us appreciating being connected. We were able to take time for ourselves first then come back more ready and happy to check in with the people in our lives.

Read up on the rest of the article and more here:

A phone detox is a must whether we believe we can do it or not.

”Inhale confidence, exhale doubt.”