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Motivation Monday: Motivate Yourself To Get Organized

Alyson Campbell

Getting organized sometimes feels harder than staying organized and taking the first step is the hardest part and sometimes the most time consuming. But we are ready and can’t wait to see all we can accomplish!

Julie Morgenstern, organizing and time management expert, shared her strategies with Real Simple on how to overcome roadblocks and how to finally stay organized – dreams do come true!

1.       Shift Your Mindset

This is the gateway to the bigger goal. This will help save time, money, and access to the things you own. Important to remind yourself that distraction, anxiety, and stress will eliminate itself when also eliminating disorganization. Focus on what you will gain from this experience.

2.       Keep the Stuff

Start in the smallest space you spend the most time in. Organize your bathroom drawer, your handbag, your refrigerator – this will leave you motivated for any other future projects!

3.       Make the Payoff Visible

Write your goals down and have them serve as a reminder.

4.       Avoid Distractions

Organization involves a lot of decision making – whether you think it or not – avoid any distraction that take away from the task.

Read the rest of Julie’s tips on Real Simple:

Try these tips next time you have time or a day off. You never know how much you can get done if you try and implement these tips into your daily routines!