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Heart & Soul Blog

Thoughtful Thursday: Farm-to-Face Beauty

Alyson Campbell

Much like farm-to-table cuisine, farm-to-face beauty is a movement and has been a growing market.

We no longer want to know just what effect a formula will have on our skin, but where the ingredients came from, their quality, and how they’ve been treated in the laboratory. As beauty product consumers and eco-friendly enthusiasts, we put a lot of thought into our products.

Farm-to-face beauty products are bottled with the freshest and highest-performing ingredients possible. Most beauty products on the shelves today have been boxed for months or even years. Farm-to-face beauty minimizes production time, leaving the actual product to be straight from farm to face. The ingredients used in these products are exclusive, from hand-planting to employing organic growing methods.

We want more clarity on everything we’re putting on our faces and in our bodies. More clarity on production methods, ingredient choices, and packaging – waste vs. ethical sourcing.

Refinery 29 listed their favorite farm-to-face beauty products that we feel are natural, ethical, and worth a look:

·       Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser

blog 66(2).jpg

This cleanser fights blemishes with a combination or naturally sourced willow bark, pink clay, and apricot-seed kernels. This cleanser will gently polish your skin and leave it feeling repaired and refreshed.

·       Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm

blog 66(3).jpg

The main ingredient in this cleansing balm is a rare green-flowered plant that contains a high concentration of immune-boosting restorative properties. This oily lightweight balm removes every last bit of makeup and will leave the skin silky smooth.

·       Votary Blemish Rescue Oil

blog 66(4).jpg

This blemish rescue oil is hand blended with traceable ingredients like tamanu oil and salicylic acid which are blemish fighters. These ingredients penetrate the top layer of skin, exfoliate, and accelerate recovery to those angry breakouts.

Naturally sourced and ethically treated beauty is making its way into our daily skin care routines.

For more of these great products find the article here: