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Thrilling Tuesday: This is how to travel this summer

Alyson Campbell

We look forward to the experience of traveling: the people, the places, the culture, the food! Our biggest nightmare – finally getting to our destination only to have forgotten our phone charger or even our toothbrush!

Traveling fails happen, they’re part of the experience. But lucky for us, The Traveling Island Girl has 10 tips on how to avoid those epic traveling fails and enjoy a worry-free vacation.

She is well experienced in the art of traveling and admits she leaves her travel prepping to the last minute – so don’t feel too bad.

Here’s a few key tips we felt most important. These will have you prepared and ready to start enjoying that vacation!

·       Make a list

First and foremost, this is probably the easiest way to make sure you have everything you need. But if making a list seems like too much work, use packing apps that will help you pack based on your destination and your activities.

·       Charge your devices

Organize those electronics a couple days before your day of travel. Lay out your devices with the chargers right next to them to make sure they’re all ready to go in your carry-on rather than your checked luggage. Charge all your devices the day before traveling that way you can start documenting your trip right away!

·       No memory, huge problem

Make sure to make plenty of space for new memories by storing your already existing photos and videos into the cloud, Dropbox, or external hard drive before your trip. If you like to take a lot of pictures, maybe pack an extra memory card just in case.

Check out the rest of her travel tips on her blog:

Get ready to enjoy the thrills ahead!

Happy traveling!