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Heart & Soul Blog

Motivation Monday: "Fun Fund"

Alyson Campbell

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When it comes to summer plans, budgeting our income and expenses isn’t typically what we have in mind. I’m sure we’d all love to soak up the sun, let the good times roll, and feel guilt-free about it.

No matter what, it’s important to remember to spend money responsibly. Don’t worry if you haven’t started saving yet. Girlboss gives the breakdown on how we can quickly build our fun fund and still enjoy the spirit of the season.

We love these strategies and can’t wait to implement them into our daily routines. These tips and tricks had us instantly feeling motivated!

·       Establish what a fun fund is

When it comes to having fun, setting money aside for it often sounds counter intuitive. Make it fun, set a fun goal. This will help ensure the money being spent is well worth all the extra effort. After all, if you’re already putting money aside for a fun weekend with friends, it’s a lot easier to forgo that summer Zara sale.

·       Set your savings goal

Reflect on what you’re saving for. Is the fun fund meant for a long-term or short-term goal? Name your goal, set the price, and remember to constantly remind yourself what you’re working toward.

·       Strategize

Automate your savings. Distribute your paycheck into two accounts – checking and savings. Make sure you’re not tapping into your fun fund by making it harder for you to access.

·       Consider doing a spending detox

Pick days out of the week where you spend no money. Try avoiding grabbing coffee and breakfast everyday and start to consider meal prepping and rewarding yourself maybe once or twice a week instead. Small purchases may not seem like they’re breaking the bank, but those few extra dollars do start to add up. Easily shift those savings over to your fun fund!

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Budgeting just became our new hobby.