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Heart & Soul Blog

Motivation Monday: Clearing Our Minds

Alyson Campbell

Constantly reminding ourselves to keep it pushing and work harder can be tough on us both physically and mentally. There are constant ups and downs, roadblocks, unplanned obstacles, and plenty of setbacks that all contribute to one thing – stress.

Stress cannot be avoided, although I’m sure we’d all give anything to. Letting it all build up can eventually lead to a meltdown so it’s most important we keep a clear mind. wrote a few ways to help us rid our minds of stress and remain focused on crushing our goals and we couldn’t be more motivated:

1.       Talk to a friend.

Discussing our problems and collaborating on solutions can clear up any situation and help us realize things aren’t as bad as we think they are. Having someone in your corner allows us to feel relieved we have someone to rely on and provide us that extra confidence to handle any situation.

2.       Read (or listen to) a great book.

This will help alleviate the mind and allow us to get away – without actually getting away. Read or listen to a book that interests your curiosity, gain insight, advice, and a peace of mind. One of our new favorites is Solan McClean’s “Learning to Drive Into the Now: PRND” available at

3.       Exercise.

Hit the gym hard. Go for a long run. Go punch for punch in the boxing ring. Hit some golf balls or take some swings in the batting cage. Sweat the stress out. Take a break from the office, your cell phone, and blow off a little steam.

4.       Take some time to meditate.

Remove yourself from everything going on and focus only on breathing. This truly has amazing benefits and will eliminate stress showing you to think clearly and see the bigger picture.

Find more helpful ways to eliminate stress by reading the rest of the article here:

Work on keeping a clear mind, as a clear mind is both healthy and productive.