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Heart & Soul Blog

Monday Motivation: UNSTUCK

Alyson Campbell

Inspiration may seem hard to find and when we find it, what to we do with it?

Vanessa Holden, senior vice president and creative director of lifestyle retailer West Elm shared some of her approaches to discovery.

1.       Always be ready and willing – look, consider, discover, adapt. Let yourself be vulnerable enough to know you could learn something new.

2.       Listen more than you talk. You can’t take in new information if all you’re doing is talking.

3.       Grab a new idea and run with it. Think, why am I intrigued with this? Make connections.

4.       Collaborate ideas with others to help you refine them.

Read the rest of Vanessa Holden’s ideas to find inspiration:

“Inspiration is not a destination. It’s being open to seeing things that makes the difference.”

Find motivation today, but make sure to keep an open mind. You never know where you’ll find it.