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Heart & Soul Blog

Monday Motivation: Getting Back into the Swing of Things

Alyson Campbell

Life gets busy, routines become off track, we feel unorganized and chaotic. When we go through a busy season or a demanding time in life, getting back into a routine seems like an unachievable goal and often results in failure.

Keeper of the Home posted an article on 3 simple ways to better help set realistic expectations and customize a routine to our daily lives:

·       Work on one new habit at a time.

Set one goal, one habit, that can be mastered and establish that into your routine. Organize your morning routine by staying caught up on chores and maintaining your home or workspace. Making progress in one area will allow you to want to move on to the next thing and tackle that.

·       Simplify at first and start small.

Manage the small things, take baby steps. Wake up early, start your day right, and plan for the rest of the day. Start there and it will become easier each day.

·       Give yourself grace.

You won’t succeed in making all the changes right from the start. Some days you will slip up, some days you will accomplish some things, and some days you may not even accomplish anything at all. Celebrate the small victories and remember tomorrow is a new day.

Read the rest of the article on their website:

Long term change only happens one small step at a time. Following a routine requires more than just self-discipline and determination. Establish habits and follow through. Complete the most important tasks for the days then move on to others. Take the time, put in the effort, have a purpose, and be persistent in order to become consistent.

You will begin to feel like yourself again: happy, energetic, less frazzled, and motivated.

Happy routine planning!