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Heart & Soul Blog

Thrilling Tuesday: EXPERIENCE L!FE

Alyson Campbell

This summer is all about making the most our experiences. As a kid, summer fun was the only goal. Now as an adult, we seem to have all the freedom to do everything we wanted as a kid, but never do them due to our daily responsibilities. Taking a day off to run errands and cross things off our to-do lists can feel satisfying, but never fully joyful.

EXPERIENCE L!FE wrote an article on 50 ways to make the most of our summer activities and taking time off for ourselves. Here are a few of our favorites:

·       Make your weekends sacred by setting good boundaries: turn off work emails, ditch your phone throughout the day, and say no to time-draining requests

·       Use your PTO hours for some fun! Paid time off hours don’t have to be used for doctor’s appointments or for trips to the DMV

·       Attend your city’s special summer events: art fairs, block parties, neighborhood garage sales, concerts or movies in the park

·       Channel your inner child: basketball in the park, play a game of fetch with your dog, take the morning off and treat yourself to a leisurely breakfast

·       Host a family picnic in your own backyard

·       Learn something new: try a new fitness class, learn another language

·       Dedicate yourself to laziness. Try to do absolutely nothing!

For more summer thrills here’s the rest of the article:

Research shows pleasure affects the health and longevity of the human body. So, don’t forget to discover the joys of the summer season and enjoy the bigger thrills of life.