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Heart & Soul Blog

Monday Motivation: Investing in You

Alyson Campbell

Our Monday Motivation is all about investing in yourself. Take the time and put the effort in now to increase skills, build relationships, and improve on your health.

•      Your health determines how effective you are. Your body determines your mood, ability to focus, and how you treat others. Invest in your health by exercising often, eating well, and getting enough sleep! These are the fundamentals of living a healthy life and being effective, focused and feeling good each day.

•      Increase your knowledge. Consume information. Consuming good sources of information doesn’t mean you should read the news all day. Stay up-to-date on what is going on in your line of business. Read books of all various kinds on different things that interest you. Exposing your brain to innovative ideas can lead your brain to generate new ideas of its own. Investing in your knowledge and skills allows you to become more versatile, competent and an all around more interesting person.

•      Build good relationships with everyone around you. Build relationships with your family, co-workers and even the barista at Starbucks. Building relationships are essential to living a good life. As humans we are social beings. Contact with others helps us feel our emotional best. Every relationship you make is another opportunity to enrich your life.

Find more information here on building your future and investing in yourself:

Some Motivation Monday: Use your time to enrich your skills, knowledge, relationships and your health. You shouldn’t think of this as work as it should be fun!