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Alyson Campbell

Welcoming in the middle of the week – Wednesday – keeping us motivated and working hard. Work can have us glued to our desk or constantly on the move. Staying organized when on the go is a challenge until it is mastered!

Here’s some tips and tricks to keeping you organized when on the go:

·       Keep a schedule of your day: set times for your appointments to keep you reminded where you need to go and where you need to be

·       Pack for the occasion: keep another bag to store excess things you may need throughout the day

·       Remember to eat: pack snacks and always keep a bottle of water handy – it’s always important to stay hydrated and fed

·       Don’t forget about you! Give yourself some time to let your mind relax throughout the day, it’s important to take 10-minute breaks every few hours

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No matter how busy we are, it is important to keep ourselves organized and productive!