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Heart & Soul Blog

Welcome Wednesday!

Alyson Campbell

Half way through the week, only one half left to go!

As the countdown to the weekend begins and all we can see is our future filled with relaxing, adventurous activities we have planned this weekend, we find it hard to stay motivated.

Balancing work, family, school, health, fitness, and more can seem impossible on a day to day basis. Business Insider highlighted 13 ways successful women make the most of their time, still making 6 figures a year and enjoying a full personal life. Managing time is a matter of where the time goes. Here’s a few ideas to help you stay motivated on a Wednesday:

·       Think 168 hours in a week not trying to fit everything into just 24 hours. Do what you can when you can.

·       Take real breaks. Real breaks do not include scrolling through Facebook or checking emails. Allow your brain to relax.

·       Take advantage of unexpected moments. Often times we get stuck focusing too much on the end goal and not enough time enjoying the journey.

Check out the rest of the full article here for more inspirational ideas:

Always remember to work hard, enjoy the little things, and allow yourself the proper downtime.