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Heart & Soul Blog

Motivation Monday: Healthy Alternatives

Alyson Campbell



This Monday is all about starting the month right! Summer being the season of BBQS and beach fun gives you the ultimate access to greasy foods and indulgent desserts.However, you may need a detox from all of this. Here are some healthy alternatives to munch on:


Ice cream is one dessert that's really hard to say no to, especially on a hot day. It is good to enjoy the occasional ice cream cone, but it should not be part of your daily diet. Greek Yogurt is a great way to enjoy a creamy treat without feeling bad about it. Top it off with granola, oats, honey, or fruit!


Potato Chips are tasty, but they are low in nutrients and vitamins. If you are looking for a healthier snack packed with crunch purchase your favorite vegetables or pita bread chips. For flavor, buy hummus or spinach dip!

Water and Juice

To many water might be a boring choice, but it is the best option and will save you those calories! If you're not a big fan of water an alternative to kill your sweet craving is to turn to juice instead.

Fresh Fruit

What better guilt free snack than fresh fruit? Fruit will keep you refreshed and will give you the energy you need to engage in summer activities!

These were just a few alternatives, but you should research other ones to stay on a healthy track this August :)

Happy Motivation Monday!


With love,

The Heart & Soul PR, Inc. Team