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Thoughtful Thursday: 7 Ways To Give Back Without Giving Money

Alyson Campbell

With so many “charitable” businesses writing large checks out to trendy or popular causes, it seems as though many people have come to equate “giving back” to “giving money.” Using money to evade doing good deeds is easy - there’s no thought, emotion, care or concern for human beings involved. One of the best ways to truly give back to your community is by volunteering. It does not require money, but it does require hard work, dedication, character, and love. Here are 7 successful ways you can give back to the community without using your checkbook:

1. Search for a cause you want to fight for: What social issues are you passionate about? Are there any charities or organizations that you’d love to work with? There are thousands of non-profit charities that desperately need volunteers, and you’d be surprised how many charities near you, need you!

2. Volunteer at a soup kitchen: There is so much more to a soup kitchen than simply passing out food to those in need. You can volunteer to cook delicious healthy foods, you can help deliver meals, or you can even keep guests company with good conversation.

3. Donate blood, and you can save three lives! Did you know that a pint of your blood could save up to three lives? Yes, some people in dire conditions would prefer your donated blood to donated money. Money can’t save these people’s lives, but volunteers can.

4. Volunteer at an animal shelter: Many shelters don’t have the funds to keep all the animals in their facility and to also hire employees. If you’re an animal lover, why not enjoy your time playing with animals while making a difference too!

5. Foster a dog (or even better, adopt!): Every year, about 1.2 million dogs are euthanized in animal shelters. Some dogs are euthanized if they have a history of violence, even if they can be rehabilitated. Many other dogs are euthanized for another absurd reason: there’s no more space in shelters to keep all the dogs. If you’ve ever wanted a dog but are afraid of the commitment, start fostering dogs first and help find them loving homes.

6. Volunteer at a nursing home: You’d be surprised how little it takes to make someone’s day at a nursing home. Majority of the elderly in convalescent or nursing homes don’t have visitors, not even from family members. Many just want a companion to talk to, or even just something to do! Volunteer at a nursing home and make it fun and memorable for the residents. Put on a little talent show and entertain the crowd, tell jokes to make them laugh, read them their favorite book, or simply sit quietly and listen to someone’s life story – trust me, seniors have the most fascinating stories to tell.

7. Participate in a charity run: Charity runs are a win-win for everyone. You get lots of good exercise, meet great people who want to make change, and the more you run the more money you raise for your charity!

Here are some great charities to volunteer for:

Race for the Cure

The Giving Keys

Girls On The Run

The World Wildlife Fund

Habitat for Humanity

Yoobi School Supplies

31 Bits



Meals on Wheels


Happy Thoughtful Thursday!


With love,

The Heart & Soul PR, Inc. Team