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Motivational Monday: Learning Beyond the Classroom and the Workplace

Heart & Soul Blog

Motivational Monday: Learning Beyond the Classroom and the Workplace

Alyson Campbell

As the summer season has unofficially started, its time to kick back and relax, but that doesn't mean you should stop enriching your mind. Use any time off to keep your mind active rather than idle. Here are ways you can ensure you go back to work or school refreshed and excited to share the new things you've learned!

Read the News

With the amount of time you spend in the morning going through your texts, you can also be using to catch up on any breaking news from over the night or currently going on in your area. To make things easy, download a news app so that everything's right at your fingertips and in a minimized form. Download the CNN app or an app of your favorite news outlets if available and keep your notifications on for breaking news throughout the day.It is important to know what's going on in the world. Staying aware is key and and it's also a good way to jolt your brain as you're getting ready to start your day and throughout the day.

Visit Museums

Museums allow you to experience history and art in a very different way. You see it as a visual representation and get to see artifacts in real life. Museums are a great way to inspire you; perhaps seeing how the early cavemen made everything from scratch or seeing how early artists used plants for dyes - there are always new learning opportunities. It is nice to reflect on how far the human race has come since we started and how we are still innovating and creating new technologies and products.


Read Books that Inspire You to Be Better

Reading is not only something you do as a requirement in school or a book club, you should also be reading for your own enjoyment. It is important to find books that will feed your brain and your soul, but you can also simply pick up a book that brings you happiness. Constantly reading keeps your mind active. 

 Happy Motivation Monday!           

With love,

The Heart & Soul PR, Inc. Team