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Heart & Soul Blog

Thrilling Tuesday: Simple Ways To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Alyson Campbell

Life can get very boring if you’re always in your comfort zone. Try starting a new hobby that you don’t have much talent in. Singing, dancing, learning a new instrument, anything you have always wanted to learn or try, why not try it now?

Can you think of one item that is a huge part of everyone’s daily lives? How about our cell phones? We don’t just rely on our cell phones to make important calls, we also rely on them for games, apps, the Internet, GPS, and who knows what else? One way to get yourself out of your comfort zone very quickly is to go on an adventure around your city, or wherever you live, without your phone. Go out and enjoy nature! Don’t stress if you get lost just embrace the experience and see where your adventures lead you.

Television is one of the easiest traps to fall into that will keep you stuck in your comfort zone. Try limiting your daily TV time or if you’re feeling brave enough, get rid of your TV all together. Replace usual TV time with being active and living your life instead of watching other people’s lives on the screen.

Do something that you would normally never do. Are you musically challenged? Join in a freestyle rap battle. Suffer from stage fright? Sign up to perform in front of a crowd. Don’t be afraid to make a fool of yourself and just have fun! Being able to let go of your insecurities and fears of rejection or negative feedback will give you the freedom to enjoy life’s experiences without holding back.

See that dusty book on your shelf that you said you’d get around to when you have the time? Start reading it now. Just start and let the book immerse you in its journey. Even if you don’t get through the whole book, simply checking off one thing on your to-do list (or even your bucket list) will lift a big weight off your shoulders and encourage you to try more things.

Next time you go to your favorite restaurant, resist the temptation to order your typical options. Try even going off the menu if you can. Be adventurous! Close your eyes and order the first thing your finger lands on on the menu and possibly discover an interesting dish.

Happy Tuesday!

With love,

The Heart & Soul PR, Inc. Team