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Motivation Monday: Reset

Heart & Soul Blog

Motivation Monday: Reset

Alyson Campbell

Sometimes we just all have those weeks where we feel like so much is going on we don't even have a moment to sit down and take a breath. That overwhelming feeling consumes our minds and leads us to being lost in our own thoughts. That's why it is important to make the time to pause your work duties and take care of yourself. This week's Motivation Monday post is about hitting the reset button to help relieve stress and clear your head!

Listen to Music

For many music is therapeutic to become attuned to your own emotions. Listening to music relating your current situation helps because it gives you the sense that you're not alone and many others have faced the same obstacles as you and have found ways to overcome them. You can also use music as a source to bring up your mood. Play music that makes you genuinely happy and makes you want to get up and dance!

Surround yourself in Nature

For city dwellers nature views necessarily isn't what the city is known for , however there are at least a lot of beautiful parks and the piers to enjoy! Taking a walk in the park allows you to have some alone time to look around and appreciate the beauty that surrounds you. By seeing all the simple beauty it helps you appreciate that you are able to experience these surroundings. During summer, you have the opportunity to go drive to places to get away from the city as well if you need that break or perhaps take the train to the nearest beach.


The beauty of meditation is it can take between 5 minutes and 30 minutes, but it is ultimately up to how much time you feel you want! Find a meditation online that works for you. Get your mat out and sit in a position that feels best. The key is to be comfortable and to not let your negative thoughts intrude while meditation is going on. Afterwards you should feel the release or at least a little less worried!

Talk To Someone

Often times I feel like when we're stressed we actually end up pushing people away, but that's not the solution. You need to let people in because they can offer advice and another perspective that could end up helping you. Someone who's willing to listen to you and makes the effort to be there for you will be a great help. Don't distance yourself, instead express how you're feeling with someone in your circle you feel is open-minded and respectful. The presence of someone else will be positive for you!

Happy Motivation Monday!


With love,

The Heart & Soul PR, Inc. Team