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Thoughtful Thursday: Rastaclat Spreading Positive Vibrations

Alyson Campbell

"Rastaclat is a symbol of righteousness, doing good for yourself and others. We believe that positive action can change lives, inspire confidence, and unite us as human beings. Seek the positive." - Founder Daniel Kasidi

As many companies now begin to realize how much consumers actually care about a company's cause, mission statement and philanthropic efforts, many are now beginning to join the rising trend of transitioning into non-profit or charitable businesses. It's wonderful to see so many partnerships, funds and donations suddenly pop up across the country, but the integrity of these companies come into question when all of their "good deeds" are simply making out hefty checks to the most popular, well-known charity or organization to win over the public's opinion.

Bracelet company Rastaclat takes a completely new approach to giving back to the community. Businesses have gradually made doing good deeds, philanthropic efforts, and donations to charity directly related to money. Founder and CEO of Rastaclat, Daniel Kasidi, shows that money isn't the only way to pay it forward.

Kasidi recollects his younger years when he wanted to play sports but couldn't because he didn't have enough money and his parents didn't have the time. So growing up, he picked up hobbies and activities that he taught himself, which eventually peaked his interest in skateboarding. He immediately fell in love with skating because he felt it was an independent art that he could express himself through without a coach or any rules. 

"I was really dedicated to it," said Kasidi. "Every day I would have a list of tricks I needed to learn...The Liberty Board Shop gave me a chance and put me on a 'Flow Program' where I would get skateboard bags and things because it helped me keep my dream alive. The shoe company that I love noticed me for skateboarding and thought that I would be a good representative or ambassador for the shoe brand, so they started sending me shoes. Skateboarding really actually got me into fashion and style."

As time passed, the shoes started piling up in Kasidi's room and he noticed that although he would wear down many pairs of shoes, there were tons of leftover shoelaces in his room that he didn't know what to do with. One day, as Kasidi was waiting for his friend to pick him up, he took one of the extra shoelaces and started braiding it during the 15 minutes he waited.

The first made Rastaclat bracelet

The first made Rastaclat bracelet

"Just out of idle time and creativity I created a bracelet for myself," said Kasidi. "I took a lighter and burnt it together. It was an expression of creativity for myself and it was really the first Rastaclat bracelet."

He happened to wear that same bracelet to school the next day and swarms of people flocked to his side asking, "Hey Daniel, can I get this bracelet in this color, that color?" Kasidi noticed that people at school wanted to match their bracelets with their clothes and thought the bracelet was a cool look. Kasidi decided to go to school the next day with custom-made Rastaclat bracelets for 10 of his friends. Much to his surprise, every single one of those friends had come to him by the end of the day telling him things like, "Someone noticed them," or "They were inspired by it." He realized that something positive came out of every person that received the bracelet. That planted the seed for Kasidi's vision of Rastaclat "Spreading Positive Vibrations." 

So what does Rastaclat mean? The word "clat" means cloth and "rasta" in their philosophy is to be a righteous person. When you put the two together it means, "the cloth of the righteous." Kasidi wants every person to understand that every time you wear a Rastaclat bracelet, you are representing righteousness.

"We really pride ourselves in being a life brand. What that really means is we embrace all walks of life," said Kasidi. "If you believe in spreading positive vibrations, if you can resonate with that message, you're a part of us. Every time you're wearing the bracelet, that's what you're carrying around. That's what you have to represent, and live, and have integrity in it. So we just want you to join the pride and seek the positive."

To learn more about current Rastaclat events and partnerships and how the company is spreading positive vibrations all across the globe, visit:

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