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Motivation Monday: Taking Risks in Our Professional and Personal Lives

Heart & Soul Blog

Motivation Monday: Taking Risks in Our Professional and Personal Lives

Alyson Campbell

Many times we forget that in order to progress and grow as individuals, we can't spend our lives only sticking to safe options. If you want that promotion, of course you need to do your job properly, but in order to truly be noticed you have to take risks that will make you stand out. For example, if you are searching for love, of course focus on self-love first, and once you are ready, let go of the fear of being hurt again and start believing again that it is possible to find your happiness.

Don't Allow Yourself To Remain Idle

By remaining in the same place and doing things in routine we are hindering ourselves. It is of course important that we do have plac-es we can retreat to because they feel like home, but you should challenge yourself to a different type of escape once in a while. Traveling is one way to do this. Visit places you've never been and make the effort to get to know locals in these places to hear their stories. You can venture out professionally as well. You were hired for a reason. Clearly your boss saw the potential in your greatness and you need to show them that by suggesting ideas or taking charge in suggesting new projects. Don't sit back and watch as an outsider; instead be the one taking action.

Our Failures Allow Us to Grow

What stops us from advancing is our fear of failing. Everyone wants to succeed, everyone wants to be shown in their best light, but you can't just wake up one day and suddenly end up at the finish line. You have to face all of your obstacles head on. Fear of losing and fear of rejection is what's going to keep you from grow-ing as a person. Our failures are what lead us to our successes. When you fall down, these failures contribute to the momentum that keeps you determined and leads to your desired results. As tough as situations like being fired, broken up with, losing friends, etc. can be, they also incredibly shape us into who we are and what we’re meant to be doing.

Pushing You Onto Your Destined Path 

We sometimes think we have it all figured out. We try to plan our lives accordingly, but let's face it - things don’t often go as planned. Perhaps you've had your eyes set on being a doctor, but along the way you realized the field is not for you. You must fol-low your calling. This applies to our personal lives too because we often think we need to sacrifice our social lives to achieve our goals. It is important to not push away the people in our lives, but rather find ways to incorporate them. Whether we admit it or not we all need a support system because these people will remind us in times of challenges that we are very much capable of our dreams.

Remove Doubt and Uncertainty

Taking risks is key. It is better to have tried than to have never giv-en something a chance to begin with. No one should be living a life of regret because they weren't brave enough. By taking risks, it might not always go the way you want, but this frees you up from experiencing the “what ifs” or “could haves” from your thoughts because you'll at least have a confirmed answer. Doubting yourself is hurting you more than anyone so we need to pursue our goals by encouraging and motivating ourselves to pursue them - this needs to come from within ourselves.  

Happy Motivation Monday!

With love,

The Heart & Soul PR, Inc. Team