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Heart & Soul Blog

Motivation Monday: Five Tips To Help You Take On The Day

Alyson Campbell

1. Alarm: The first sound you hear when you wake up sets the mood for your morning and potentially for the rest of your day. Most of us wake up dreading the day when it hasn’t even started yet, but getting up in the morning should be a pleasant experience! Make your mornings easier by setting your alarm to your favorite song. Think of a song that brings back good memories or feelings of comfort and a song you can never get sick of that will help you wake up feeling ready to take on the day.

2. Time is Precious: Speaking of alarms, try setting yours to go off an hour earlier. If you normally wake up at 8 a.m. start setting your alarm to 7 a.m. for one week. Then set your alarm to 6 a.m. the week after and see if you can gradually make it to 5 a.m. The trick here is to go to bed earlier because you ideally want six hours of sleep to be fully functioning and productive the next day. It might seem scary at first but it is completely doable and less traumatic of an experience as it may seem. The idea here is you will gain more time in the day to be more productive and less rushed, as well as fit in time for more of the things you love.

3. Dream While Awake: Once you start waking up earlier, you now have that extra hour, or two hours, to take advantage of early mornings and start dedicating that time to developing your dream. Start making a plan right now for what you want to accomplish this month, then set a plan for the next three months, then for the rest of the year. Try doing something every morning to work towards that goal. Have something by your bedside or bathroom mirror that reminds you of this goal when you wake up – it will make mornings much more exciting.

4. Do Something for Yourself: Getting up earlier doesn’t have to be all work if you don’t want it to be. You can do morning yoga, meditate to soothing music for an hour, make yourself a proper hearty breakfast while watching your favorite show, or even go for a run and enjoy the crisp morning air. Whatever it is, you can use that extra time in the morning to treat yourself. If you have a really hard time getting out of bed in the morning, plan something exciting that will rejuvenate and make you excited for the day to come the night before. You will go to sleep looking forward to this treat and it will motivate you to get out of bed in the morning.

5. Our Bodies are Made to Move!: Before you head out to start your workday, try to incorporate some kind of physical activity in your morning routine. It doesn’t have to be something that requires a lot of effort like spin class or a five-mile run. Aim for light yoga or even simple stretches in the morning to wake up your stiff body and get your blood flowing again to feel awake and energized. If you’re not into yoga, you can even go for an early swim or bike ride or a quick stroll through a park nearby. Try to make physical activity, however light, a permanent part of your morning routine. You will feel much more focused and motivated throughout your day.

Happy Motivation Monday!


With love,

The Heart & Soul PR, Inc. Team