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Thoughtful Thursday: LUSH Cosmetics

Alyson Campbell

On this week’s Thoughtful Thursday, we introduce you to LUSH Cosmetics, a skincare and beauty company built upon the idea of using only fresh and natural ingredients in their products. LUSH is one of the few companies out there today that has such strong visibility and physical evidence of going above and beyond to pay it forward. Here is a little overview of LUSH Cosmetics and how the company is moving forward to stand behind a purpose throughout every aspect of their brand.

The “Green Policy” of LUSH

“The core of our philosophy is based on the highest levels of ethical standards with the lowest possible impact on the environment. Sustainability is a company-wide priority that flows through our products, from our hands to yours.”

Even before the creation of LUSH Cosmetics, the founders have actively fought against animal cruelty and animal testing, and have always used creative methods to make a positive impact on the planet. One way we see this represented in the brand is through their packaging. If you’ve ever stepped into a LUSH or have purchased from any of their stores, you’ll notice that there is very minimal packaging – almost seems like the company neglected to make an effort to wrapping up their beautifully crafted bath products. However, using as little packaging as possible is part of LUSH’s way of going “completely naked.” Customers have the option of buying with no packaging at all and taking the products home “completely naked.” LUSH products such as bath bombs, bath melts, solid shampoo bars and massage bars are just some of the products that you can take home with you in a reusable bag.

Fighting Animal Testing

Many cosmetics companies in North America test their products and ingredients on animals in labs. LUSH Cosmetics have fought against animal testing for over 30 years and continue to fight for animal rights. LUSH is so passionate about their policy on animal testing that they have made it a part of their commitment to source ingredients from suppliers that meet the company’s ethics and standards. LUSH proudly shares their unique, strict policy against animal testing on their site here: campaign/our-policy/

They also encourage their peers in the cosmetic industry to practice LUSH’s stance on animal testing and rights as well.

Fresh Ingredients

LUSH makes their company’s policies, projects, and commitments visible to the public to hold themselves accountable for using only whole and fresh ingredients to deliver the most effective skincare products.

“It would be easier [to use synthetic alternatives], but it wouldn’t be as much fun! I could absolutely use synthetic alternatives to create effects, but where would the artistry be?...It’s the vitality and the freshness of the whole ingredient that makes it work,” said product inventor and LUSH co-founder, Helen Ambrosen.

LUSH also developed their very own encyclopedia of ingredients that they have used and are still using in their ingredients today. You can navigate through LUSHopedia using the alphabetized finder to learn about fresh fruits, vegetables, herb infusions, essential oils, as well as health benefits of each. Browse through the LUSHopedia here:

LUSH Ethical Buying

LUSH Cosmetics puts an enormous amount of love and dedication into making the highest quality of products, so it’s important to the brand to find ingredient suppliers that do the same for their products and ingredients. LUSH has an Ethical Buying team that travels all around the world who personally visit each supplier to trace how the ingredients are grown, made and gathered, to ensure care for not only the environment but fair working conditions for the employees too, even if they may not directly be working for LUSH Cosmetics.

LUSH Ethical Campaigns

In 2007, LUSH Cosmetics invented a hand and body lotion called the Charity Pot. Every single penny (excluding taxes) earned from each Charity Pot purchase goes towards supporting humanitarian, environmental, and animal rights causes locally and worldwide. Since 2007, Charity Pot has donated almost $3,000,000!

LUSH has since also invented a moldable, multi-purpose soap called FUN. From each FUN bar sold, 2.5% of the sales goes towards the LUSH FunD, which currently supports charities that create a safe environment for children to play in Japan, after the 2011 earthquake that contaminated the area making it unsuitable for children to play in.

In addition to having charitable purchases available in stores, the company also awards the LUSH Prize annually, which is a £250,000 prize fund (equivalent to $361,223.75 in US dollars) that awards prizes for science, training, lobbying, public awareness, animal testing alternatives, and young researchers.

To learn more about LUSH Cosmetics and their story check out:,en_US,pg.html


Happy Thoughtful Thursday!


With love,

The Heart & Soul PR, Inc. Team