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Heart & Soul Blog

Motivation Monday: Breathe

Alyson Campbell

Whether it's from lack of sleep, too much work, or too much pressure, we all have those days when we feel overwhelmed with stress and anxiety, and we have no idea how to stop our minds from self-destructing. Some days, everything goes wrong no matter how hard we try and nothing seems to work out smoothly. Sometimes, we all just need to take a break and breathe. What we need to be mindful of is whatever energy and thoughts we are sending out to the universe, we are bound to attract back into our lives. So, when you catch yourself falling into that negative spiral, remember that happiness will come to you when it comes from you!

Here are some easy methods you can incorporate into your daily life to reduce your stress and help you breathe a little easier:


We’ve all heard that yoga and meditation are good for us and that we should all do it every day, but have you ever learned why? Meditation brings mindfulness, and mindfulness can help us see beyond what we normally see when we’re busy judging our actions and ourselves. Mindfulness is directly linked to our stress levels; the more we meditate, the less stress we have. And the more mindfulness, the more self-awareness you’ll have to help fix the flaws you never even thought you had. Experts recommend meditating for at least 20 minutes per day; busy people even longer.


There are so many different kinds of yoga you can incorporate into your life. There is hot yoga, power yoga, relaxation yoga, acro-yoga, and even pre-natal yoga, to name a few. As you go through different yoga poses, you will notice an increase in your strength and flexibility. These poses bring support to your spine and abdomen, which ultimately makes you feel stronger from the core. Yoga is not only good for your mental health, but your physical health as well. It can help you lose weight, stimulate blood circulation, rehabilitate any painful joints from injuries, and increase your balance, all while making your body leaner and toner. Yoga tests both your mental and physical endurance by forcing you to control your breath while holding your poses.

Breathing Techniques to Relax

Practicing controlled breathing can lower your blood pressure, make you feel calm and relaxed, help you de-stress, and also keep your mind and body functioning properly throughout the day. Many yogis and meditation experts encourage breathing techniques to enhance self-awareness and to bring Zen into your life.

Here is one easy breathing technique you can use every day: place one hand on your chest and one hand on your stomach. Sitting up straight, take a deep breath through your nose and make sure the hand on your stomach moves out, not your chest. Take 10 slow, deep breaths for every minute, for 10 minutes a day. You will immediately notice a difference in mood, heart rate, and level of awareness.

There is another breathing technique called Nadi Shodhana, or “Alternate Nostril Breathing.” Sitting up straight with your mouth closed but relaxed, place one finger over your left nostril as you inhale slowly and deeply through your right nostril. When you cannot inhale anymore, switch your finger over to your right nostril and exhale through your left. Repeat this routine 10 times on each side. Your mind will feel more focused and awake when you are done. 

Your thoughts and emotions come into fruition in some way, shape or form, so be mindful of the energy you send out throughout the day. The more you work, the more recovery time your mind and body need, so grab a cup of your favorite tea, indulge yourself in a little meditation, and go to bed breathing a little easier.

Happy Motivation Monday!

With love,

The Heart & Soul PR, Inc. Team