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The Make Up Show Recap

Alyson Campbell

The Makeup Show LA Recap

Contributed by Jenna Slavin

Over the weekend we had the opportunity to attend The Makeup Show Los Angeles at the California Market Center in Downtown LA. At this industry event, we watched make up artists in their natural habitat creating beautiful faces on customers, makeup trend fans in a frenzy over the hot new items that were discounted, and had the chance to rub shoulders with the best of the best in the industry. 

All of the most creative artists in the Los Angeles area were roaming throughout the show. Here are a few moments that caught our eye:

Davis Factor, the Founder of Smashbox Cosmetics mingling with his team and the venue goers. 


After networking with many of the wonderful beauty booths from the more sophisticated and edgy brand, Urban Decay, to the bright and playful brand, NYX cosmetics, and the ever so sparkly eyeliner brand, Eye Kandy, we made our way down the hall to the Keynote presentation of Industry Leaders. This presentation was hosted by On Makeup Makeup Magazine and The Powder Group founder, Michael DeVellis who lead the panel of industry leaders through a discussion of pertinent issues artists face today. The panel included Donald Simrock, Celebrity Artist and Creative Director of VVV Magazine, Director and Owner of Cloutier Remix, Madeline Leonard, and Celebrity Makeup Artist and Author, Taylor Babaian. It was a great mix of insider information, humor, and audience engagement. This power group of individuals had us laughing at times, taking notes, and serious with curiosity. 

The biggest takeaways from this panel presentation were how the industry has changed and the key tools on how to be successful in the makeup and beauty industry. 

First off, there are many aspects of why and how the industry has changed recently but one being now thinking creatively about business and technology advances. According to Taylor Babaian, nowadays one can not simply rely on word of mouth to get business, one needs to become an entrepreneur and business person to market themselves. It has gotten harder as competition and technology advances. The professional makeup artist can no longer just be an artist, it’s critical for them to stay up to speed on the industry and constantly evolving to elevate their business. Besides social media playing a significant part in the change of the industry, the advances of technology including HD TV has forced advances in this industry as well. As technology continues to advance, make up artists constantly need to improve their techniques and be more on point. A film make up artist needs to understand what the audience is going to see on the other end of the television. Lastly, the constant roll out of new innovative products are keeping artists on their toes and forcing them to use their artistic ability to create new looks and styles, and know how each of these new products work.

Secondly, to be successful in the makeup industry one needs a social strategy. This goes along with one being an entrepreneur of your own business. Many agents use social media to browse and determine whether they can represent you. One way they determine if you are a fit for their agency is if they can promote you with a specific skill and uniqueness. The beauty/makeup industry has the most viewed YouTube videos, the most Google searches, and is recession proof so you can only imagine how many people are trying to become the next biggest thing. According to Madeline Leonard, the following one has on social media often determines whether or not one can secure job opportunities. 

With technology advances, the influence of social media, more makeup artists are entering the industry than ever before, adaptability and having an understanding of how to maneuver your way through through a career in makeup are more and more important. 

This must- attend event gave us the chance to learn from the pros themselves. The Makeup Show will also be happening throughout the US and may be coming to your town. Learn more at

With Love,  the Heart & Soul PR, Inc. Team

With Love, 
the Heart & Soul PR, Inc. Team