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Thrilling Tuesday: Loving Adventurously

Alyson Campbell

Do you ever feel like you don’t know what to get the person you care about or you have been with them for so long that you have already done everything is the books? Well, we came up with a few ways to show your significant other how much you love them with adventures to love with ideas of different ways of how to get out of your usual surroundings.


Here are some ways to show your significant other how much they mean to you!


1.) For the Explorer:

One idea of getting out of the usual surroundings to spend quality time you’re your love is to set up a camping trip. Maybe somewhere you haven’t been before. It would be a nice adventure to set up the trip by packing what they need for them and having it be a surprise until they arrive. To make this more romantic, bring some lanterns to set up around camp, a way to play some music, and a bottle of wine. Nature, wine, and being with the person you love… what could be better?


Another great outdoors idea for the explorer is a day trip to go hiking. Fresh air with the sound of birds flying by and just you and your loved one there to experience it all! It would be a great way to escape and have quality time to spend together.


For the explorer but want to do something that isn’t necessarily a workout, planning a picnic might suit you better. You still get to be outdoors and adventure to somewhere you have never been before. The beach, a park with a nice view, even your backyard, are some great spots for a picnic set up. Just don’t forget to pack their favorite snacks. That little touch of thoughtfulness will show them that this plan was well planned.


Usually when we have bonfires, the more the merrier but in this case , having a bonfire at the beach with just the two of you could be the perfect romantic date. Set up a few towels and watch the waves hit the shore while sharing your life goals over some smores. Warmth, the sound of the ocean, and chocolate… who wouldn’t want that?



2.) For the Localist:


A great idea of showing how much someone matters to you that loves to stay local is taking them to the farmers market and picking out fresh ingredients to support local farmers. After you have picked out your fruits and veggies, head back home to cook a scrumptious meal. But don’t forget to browse the tents and pick up a handmade soy candle to light for the center of the dinner table.


Lastly, an adventurous idea for the localist to show their love for that someone special is to take them on a nature walk. Holding hands while being guided through the local nature center learning about the animals and insects that call it home. Going somewhere new and learning a few things together is definitely something you can bond over and talk about over lunch or dinner after.


Lastly, a long bike ride down to the lake, the beach, or through the neighborhood. Stepping out and getting away from those things that distract you to spend time just one on one with your love will definitely end your day in a nice relaxing way without going too far. Bring a bottle of wine to share during your pit stop but make sure it is just one bottle… you don’t want to have to walk the bikes home.



3.) For the Crafty:


This one is for the pinners on pinterest who have “do-it-yourself” projects throughout the house. Surprise the one that you love with searching the internet and coming up with a few crafts that you can both do for the night and buying the supplies so you are ready to go, will be a Crafty’s dream. Here are some ideas that are easy and fun:


Thrilling Tuesday: Loving Adventurously



4.) For the Artist:


What better way to bond over disguising art than to go to an art gallery. Even if your significant other isn’t as passion about this topic as you are, bring them along and show them way you admire art so much. By sharing your passions and loves will make them feel included and loved because you are sharing an important part of yourself with them.


Another fun way to love adventurously is to have a Paint date. You can really get creative with this one. You can either set up a white blanket in your backyard or local park and spend the night doodling on the blank canvas or setup an easel in the living room and paint whatever comes to mind.  This is a creative and fun way to show your love in an adventurous way.


Last but not least, spending a few hours over the weekend for a romantic photoshoot with your significant other is a perfect way to show your love adventurously. A photographer capturing a special moment that can be displayed in your home to remind you of a fun memory will continue to put smiles on your faces. A picture is worth a thousand words!

We hope you enjoyed these examples of loving adventurously and that it inspires you to get creative and step out of your comfort zone to express how much your significant other means to you.


With Love,

Heart and Soul PR, Inc. Team