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Monday Motivation: Loving Yourself

Heart & Soul Blog

Monday Motivation: Loving Yourself

Alyson Campbell

Contributed by Jenna Slavin

With February being the month of love, we are continuing our series to inspire you with motivation on love in all areas of your life. Last week we talked about loving the progress from your New Years Resolutions. This week we focus on loving and appreciating yourself.


Here are a few tips we feel are important to keep in mind:


1)   Acknowledge your flaws:

Yes, we all have flaws! By acknowledging you have flaws and not comparing yourself to others, you open the door to learn how to love your flaws - or at least acknowledge them and be able to appreciate what makes you uniquely you.


2)   Accept yourself for who you are:

When you know your flaws, you’re better able to evaluate what you bring to the table as well as things you need to work on. In doing this, you are able tobetter understand yourself and how you relate to the world. In turn, you’ll find you’re more appreciative and accepting of others and things around you.


3)   Know there is always room for improvement:

No one is perfect. Life will throw you curveballs and you might not always act the way you intended. However, knowing you are always a “work in progress”  no matter how old you are, will only help you come closer to improvement every day in your life.


4)   Stay motivated to become the best you:

Having a clear picture of who you want to be, what kind of life you want to live, and what kind of people you want to surround yourself with are key factors in staying motivated to becoming the best you. Each day, wake up and set an intention; whether that is to try a more challenging workout, reach out to friends you haven’t talked to in a while, or help a stranger, each day is a new day to go above and beyond. Surprise yourself and the outcome will surprise you! Stick to your goals and trust us, you will be happy with your results!


With Love,

The Heart and Soul PR, Inc. Team