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Thrilling Tuesday- How To Plan A Road Trip

Heart & Soul Blog

Thrilling Tuesday- How To Plan A Road Trip

Alyson Campbell

Contributed by Jenna Slavin

As a continuation of our Thrilling Tuesday series, we focus this week on how to plan a road trip whether you’re driving across country or getting out of your backyard. The best road trips are those that don’t have too much planning involved, however, a little planning is necessary.


Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you along the way:


1)    Find Your Route- The first step is determining where exactly you are going to go and how to get there. Which is most important: distance, destination, or budget? Once you have figured out what’s most important, you can begin the most fun part - the travel. One site we recommend is, a site that offers a myriad of resources from directions to your destination, options for hotels, attractions, natural wonders, and if you’re so curious, weird stuff along the way. This website will help you budget your trip and plan out things you can discover that you wouldn’t have otherwise known about. The point to a road trip is to be adventurous, so be flexible.

2) Prepare and Pack Accordingly.  Especially if you're planning an outdoor-style adventure, make sure you have the gear for it.  Montem provides incredible gear for hikers designed by hikers. From day packs to trekking poles, they offer a variety of gear designed for the adventure along the way. For more tips, you can also check out their post here on the most important camping gear. 

3)    Determine Lodging Based on Your Travel Style - Now that you know where you are going, you have to figure out where are you going to stay once you get there. If you are the more adventurous type and would rather set up camp or camp out in your car, make sure you find safe, well lit, and well- staffed camping grounds. If you are the modern road tripper, we suggest finding a temporary home for the night in an AirBNB. Yes, you will get the experience of being a nomad, but still have the luxury of a nice warm shower and bed to comfortably sleep in.

4)    Utilize Technology - In the now era of the smartphone, there is an app for everything! A few of our favorites are TripIt, Along The Way, Gasbuddy, Open Table, AAA, and Wi-Fi Finder. These apps do everything including helping make an itinerary for you, determine the closest coffee/bathroom/food stops along the way, best deals on gas, assist you if something goes wrong with your car, as well as help you connect to Wi-Fi so you don’t feel so lost.

5)    Document it!  Don’t forget to create a digital diary of all of the great memories you will be making on your road trip. We’re a sucker for the selfie stick and the Go Pro. While you’re at it, why not create a hashtag for you and your friends to follow your adventures on social media? Perhaps you want to unplug from technology all together; if so, a travel journal is a great resource and writing memories of your explorations will be something you can look back on fondly later.



Happy travels!


With Love,

The Heart and Soul PR, Inc. Team