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Heart & Soul Blog

Motivation Monday- Love Your Everyday Life

Alyson Campbell



Contributed by Jenna Slavin


As we wrap up the month of February, we are summing up all that we have talked about this month into today’s post of how to love your every day life.


It is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of our everyday life. We have the same work and school routine that we often times don’t take the time to enjoy the little things in life. We say don’t sweat the small stuff and enjoy life! Here are some tips on how to start enjoying your everyday life.


1.)  Learn to Laugh: Learn to laugh at yourself when you make a little mistake. Learn to laugh at life because curve balls will come your way when you least expect them, but that’s part of the journey. Whatever is happening in the current moment is supposed to happen. Wherever you are is where you are supposed to be. Laugh at the little coincidences and at the unexpected moments because that will lead you to enjoy life’sgreatest treasures.


2.) Express Gratitude: Make this a daily habit because what you express is what you attract. Have you ever noticed when you are in a positive mindset, you attract positive people in your life? Oppositely, when you wake up on the “wrong side of the bed” it seems that the whole day goes wrong. The energy you put out is what comes back to you, so express gratitude for all the good in your life and you will be pleasantly surprised.


3.) Pursue your passion: There is no better way to feel fulfilled than to be doing what you love. We all get tied up trying to make a living or doing what we feel others think we should do and we put our passions on the back burner. To truly enjoy life, you need to invest time in pursuing your passions - that’s when you’ll find the sparks that light up inside of you.


By implementing these few tips in your everyday life, it will give you an urgency to wake up in the morning and live life to the fullest and that’s what life is all about.


Happy Motivation Monday!

With Love,

The Heart and Soul PR, Inc. Team