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Thoughtful Thursday: Road Twenty-Two

Alyson Campbell

Contributed by Jenna Slavin

As we continue our Thoughtful Thursday series, this week we are highlighting the uniquely thoughtful brand, Road Twenty-Two.


“I am committed to employing women in the United States who need a chance. My concurrent desire is to humanize the image of the women who were formerly incarcerated, homeless, or suffering from substance abuse, and to break through employment roadblocks. In doing so, I can absolutely change people’s lives for the better. This gives me joy.” – Fif Ghobadian, CEO & Co-Founder.


Growing up with a challenging childhood, Fif wanted to use her life experiences to make a difference. Partnering with Alice Larkin Cahan, fashion expert and now Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder of Road Twenty-Two, they are living the dream of being fashion designers and philanthropists.


This brand isn’t just a clothing brand. Road Twenty-Two goes above and beyond your typical casual t-shirt line by making a huge footprint on society by saving lives. The brand name was inspired by the road leading out of Central California Women’s Correctional Facility, the largest women’s correctional facility in the world.


Road Twenty-Two represents exquisite clothing that is made in the US while putting women first. When you buy Road Twenty-Two merchandise, you are buying luxury basics while supporting an amazing cause, which in return makes you feel great and look even better. 


This brand proves that you can be someone no matter what your background is, where you came from, or what you are going through right now. You can always make a difference in a thoughtful way!


With Love,

The Heart and Soul PR, Inc. Team