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Motivation Monday: Sticking to your New Years Resolutions and Loving your Progress

Heart & Soul Blog

Motivation Monday: Sticking to your New Years Resolutions and Loving your Progress

Alyson Campbell

Contributed by Jenna Slavin

We all know it is difficult to stay motivated once January is over and perhaps you didn’t stick as closely to your New Year’s Resolutions as you’d like, but we have come up with a few tips to help you stay motivated. Remember: love the process so you can love your progress!


1)   Establish a Routine: If you are someone that just has a goal for working out more, change that to a more specific action such as determining how many days a week you would like to work out and then schedule that into your week. For the early birds, maybe you want to plan to hit the gym or go for a morning beach run before you have to head off to work; if that isn’t reasonable, pack a gym bag and hit the gym after work before you go home. This way it is easy to make it a routine and a scheduled part of your day you can get used to rather than being active every once in a while.


2)   By Failing to Prepare, You are Preparing to Fail: In order to be successful and see progress, you need to prep beforehand. Meal prep is key for those on the go all of the time and/or those on a budget.   Yes, you can eat healthy and still have it be cost effective. Buying larger quantities will save you money in the long run. Also, prepping your week by planning out your workouts is a must. If you have a gym membership, schedule to take a few workout classes, such as yoga, spin, or kickboxing along with your free weights and cardio. This will help you stay on track!


3)   Workout because you love your body: Some people workout because they don’t like what their body looks like now and they are trying to transform into what they want. By switching your mindset to “I workout because I love my body and want to treat it well” will help you love the process of getting to a happy place when it comes to losing weight or getting more toned, whatever your goals are. Don’t dwell on the negatives (such as not losing weight as fast as you would like or hoped for) and embrace the positives (one more workout closer to my dream body)! 


Living a healthy life can be challenging if you are not motivated, not used to eating clean and having a workout routine, but once you implement these key factors into your life, you are bound for success!


Stay Motivated,

-Heart & Soul PR, Inc. Team