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Heart & Soul Blog

Motivation Monday: The Fit Expo Los Angeles

Alyson Campbell

Contributed by Jenna Slavin


This weekend we had the pleasure of attending the Fit Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center where hundreds of fitness and health-focused brands descended upon the Los Angeles Convention Center to showcase their products and services, host fitness influencers with meet and greets, as well as host workout classes and challenges attendees could participate in. We found this networking event to be very inspirational and motivating in many ways.


Motivating Businesses

While walking around talking with company owners, product developers, and various employees, we were able hear about why they started doing what they are doing, how they came up with the product and why they are so passionate about it. Being surrounded by people who have a strong belief in living a healthy lifestyle and wanting to make a difference was very inspirational to us as a team.


Motivating People

Another aspect of the Expo that was motivating for us were the people. Everywhere you looked, people were working out or talking with others sharing their story of why they are in fitness and how they got to the point of success they are at now. It was impressive to see so may people in such good shape.


Inspiring Set Ups/Engaging the Audience

Many of the brands that showcased their products and services included various elements to engage the crowds at the Fit Expo from live dance performances and workouts and challenges to sampling and even massages for tired bodies. The Convention Center remained packed throughout the whole weekend with lines to buy merchandise, meet trainers and receive product samples.


We would like to say thank you to the many companies we had the chance to meet this weekend and are looking forward to seeing all that’s to come this year!


For more on the Fit Expo including upcoming Fit Expos across the country, visit:


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