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Thrilling Tuesday Spotlight: Taylor Crawford

Heart & Soul Blog

Thrilling Tuesday Spotlight: Taylor Crawford

Alyson Campbell

Contributed by Jenna Slavin


We’re excited to introduce Thrilling Tuesday, featuring individuals who are doing adventurous and extraordinary things and stepping out of their comfort zone.


Today’s featured guest is Taylor Crawford, a 22-year-old female singer-songwriter based out of Long Beach, CA. While discovering her over social media, I found her very different from the rest of the “trying to make it” musicians in the area for many reasons. Not only is she beautiful on the outside, but she expresses beauty from the inside with humility and love with her craft. She has the quality that many successful artists possess which is the ability to express real life experiences that are relatable, putting to pen and paper and music.


According to Taylor, this is her outlet and her passion and mission in life so it comes easy to her to express herself through music. Many of her songs are about heartache and love and the ups and downs in life, which any girl her age can relate to. When watching her perform (just her and her guitar), her energy is contagious. She takes you through a journey of emotions where you can feel how much her songs mean to her. With that being said, I know she has found her true passion in life, but the road to getting there wasn’t all that easy.


When talking with Taylor after her show last night at 4th Street Vine, a small wine bar off of 4th Street in Long Beach, California, she expressed that the road to where she is now wasn’t all she would have hoped for. She started writing music at a young age while living in San Antonio, Texas because she was never good at expressing her feelings when talking to people. She knew this was her calling, but it wasn’t until she was 18 and standing in the ocean at the tip of Texas one day where she had an epiphany that California is where she needed to move to pursue her dreams. Like most 18 year olds, it would be such a scary decision to leave behind all that you have ever known, but for Taylor that is what fulfilled her. She worked three jobs and saved up, found an ad for a temporary rental on Craigslist, packed up her bags, and drove to Long Beach, California, all on her own. If that doesn’t describe true passion, I don’t know what does. She felt that in order to become a successful songwriter, she needed more life experiences, and living in San Antonio that wasn’t happening for her. Since then, she has fallen in love, had her heart broken, created friendships with those that will always support her, and continues to inspire others while singing at local coffee shops, bars, shops and restaurants.


Without knowing her before I heard her music, I knew she was someone special. I knew she had true talent and is someone to keep an eye out for. Now knowing her back-story, it makes her music even more special. It proves that if you have a true passion about something, don’t let others hold you back from reaching your full potential. Don’t let the unknown hold you back of your future because with just one move to step out of your comfort zone, it can change your life in such a positive way.