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Heart & Soul Blog

A Post From Our CEO: Tuesday: We Remember

Alyson Campbell

September 11th marks a significant day in our nation’s history.

Today we remember the many patriots and those whom risked their lives to help save others.

We recognize all those who helped as their actions sparked a sense of inspiration to their dedication to service and acts of caring.

Today, we continue to be inspired by those who responded to the events that transpired 17 years ago and to those who survived. It is a day to reflect about those who care about us every day as we will continue to use this day to be inspired by the lives of all these individuals and their willingness to sacrifice. 

May we never forget today and always remember.














Motivation Monday: How to Make Changes in Life

Alyson Campbell

blog 89.jpg

Making changes to become the best version of ourselves takes a lot of effort. Working all day only to come home to want to relax, sit down, and watch some tv or cuddle up to a good book.  

It just seems like there’s never enough time in a day or enough energy or willpower to make changes to this never-ending routine of ours.

So where do we go? What can we do to make a change for the better?

We found these 4 steps helpful in ensuring we get closer to success, even when feeling tired and lazy:

1.       Squash inconsistency by giving up motivation

This doesn’t mean quit finding motivation, it just means do not always focus on needing more. To make changes to our lives, do not focus on making more to-do lists or plans. Focus on working in the best possible environment (aka get out of the house!). Do not underestimate the power environments have on behavior. If you want to get fit, make it a goal to be at the gym. Accept that we are all flawed and prone to distractions. Show up to those “change inducing” environments.

2.       Recruit an elite team to help you (for free)

Network! Talk to friends who can help and keep us accountable to keep working. Most people fail to make changes to their lives because they don’t ask for help. Inspiring and motivating one another with team work can create change for all lives involved.

3.       Build good habits effortlessly

Change those bad habits and start making good ones. Start small and know what works best. Instead of trying to do something big inconsistently, do something small consistently. Building good habits start with repetition. Eventually, increase difficulty when the good habit has been mastered.

4.       Create more time by quitting social media

This doesn’t necessarily mean social media for everyone. Simply remove things that cause a distraction. 

For more of the article, read the rest here:

“Change is not always about more. Sometimes it’s about doing less and getting rid of what distracts or blocks you. “

 – Keshav Bhatt How to Make Changes in Life to Be the Very Best Version of You














Friday Favorites!

Alyson Campbell

Favorite Collection: Diamond Collection by Fenty Beauty

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Favorite Recipe: baileys and coffee macarons

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Favorite Collaboration: Virgil Abloh x Moet &Chandon

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blog 96(4).jpg