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Thrilling Tuesday: We call for a road trip!

Alyson Campbell

It’s that time again – time to let our minds explore the possible travel destinations we need to explore this year!

Arizona is a much-underappreciated travel destination. Exploring nature is something we should appreciate more often. After all, the drive from Los Angeles to Arizona is a less than 10-hour drive. So, we say let’s finally plan that road trip!

Lifestyle blogger Thrifts and Threads shared her recent experience in Arizona and had the chance to explore the beautiful Slot Canyons, along with Horseshoe Bend and the breathtaking Grand Canyon.

Slot Canyons is our favorite out of the three as it is a narrow canyon that was formed by water rushing through rock. Anything formed by nature is a truly rewarding experience. What starts off as a tiny crack steadily grows larger from repeat flash floods and erosion over many years. As a result, these narrow canyons have very high walls and run very deep.

These canyons are privately owned as they are located on an Indian Reservation. The view inside of these canyons is unreal. It looks as if you are underwater as each canyon has different landscape characteristics you don’t get the opportunity to explore anywhere else besides the American Southwest. The narrower the canyon, the more twists, turns, and beautiful scalloped walls you will get to see and feel.

Read up on the rest of her experience on her site:

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Alyson Campbell

As professionals, we make time to become experts at what we do. But health and wellness often seems to take a back seat. We don’t make the time to take care of ourselves and when we do, we often feel guilty about it. But me-time shouldn’t feel like a luxury when really it is a necessity.

Make it a priority to unapologetically clear space from your daily activities and become unplugged. Make everyday health rituals – like working out or eating healthy foods – that help keep your body and mind energized.

Self-care is crucial for finding peace of mind and something we all need right now.

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Friday Favorites!

Alyson Campbell

Favorite Home Décor: tropical landscape

Favorite New Find: Trader Joe’s EVERYTHING but the BAGEL SESAME seasoning blend

Favorite Recipe: lemon butter garlic shrimp and asparagus

Favorite Restaurant: “Amazonico” in Paraguay

Favorite Place to Be: poolside in Old Hollywood